Posted by Brian Hale on Nov 07, 2022
Jessica Zacherl and Brian Hale have been busy getting items for The Caring Closet.  We have opened up our services to the local elementary schools.  The school nurses, for both Valley Grove Elementary and Sandycreek Elementary, were notified.  They provided us with lists of needed items. Valerie Busch, Rocky Grove teacher, emailed a list for the Rocky Grove High School Caring Closet.
Fellow Rotarian, Linda Lusher, provided a contact person for the Galloway Methodist Church.  Hazel Tenney works with their Free4All program.  Jessica and Brian visited the church last Wednesday, November 2.  They obtained several bags of gently used clothing for the children at Valley Grove Elementary and Rocky Grove High School.
Brian Hale separated the clothing for the schools.  He purchased leggings and jackets for The Caring Closet at Rocky Grove High School.
The items were delivered to Rocky Grove and Valley Grove schools on Monday, November 7.  (click "Read more.." for larger photos)
Jessica Zacherl is currently working on getting shoes for Sandycreek Elementary School.
Rocky Grove High School:  12 hoodies/sweatshirts, 9 black leggings, 3 women's jackets, 3 men's jackets
Valley Grove Elementary: 11 boy's pants, 1 boy's jacket, 18 girl's pants, 1 girl's jacket, 15 hoodies/shirts, 4 pairs of girl's shoes